Work from home set up

Workable's Top 5 - Working From Home Tips, Part 4

1. Ask for support when needed. Whether you want help from a colleague or a friend, do not bottle your feelings up. Let it all out, you will feel much better. 

2. Follow a reward-system to help you get things done. For instance, you can take a 15 minute break after a long video call with your boss or grab a (healthy) snack after you’ve finished with your household chores.  

3. Set some boundaries. It might be that family and friends will assume you have all the time in the world to be on the phone, so set specific times for when you’re free to FaceTime. After all, you’ll need the time for all those other Zoom calls (and Teams calls..and WhatsApp calls).  

4. If you have kids, brace yourself for disruption. We could tell you to get more creative with games and drawing sessions, but the truth is, you are a champion of patience as it is. Keep calm and carry on! 

5. Finally, we’re all in this together. Aside from having patience, we should all embrace humanity and solidarity, and check on each other’s welfare. 


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