Man working on laptop

Workable's Top 5 - Working From Home Tips, Part 2

1. Keep your nutrition in check to stay focused and productive. Try to plan your meals ahead of time to avoid overeating and snacking – and no, having peanut butter straight from the jar isn’t a good idea! 

2. Designate a space for work only, and preferably not too close to the fridge (see tip no.1!). It might be worth investing in a comfortable chair too – your neck will thank you later.

3. Make a list of priorities, from small tasks to greater achievements. Crossing items off your list is the ultimate satisfaction.

4. Take time for self-care: whether it’s baking your favorite cake, taking a long bath, or reading a book, take this opportunity to enjoy what you have been putting off for too long. 

5. Be kind to yourself – sometimes we just need to accept the fact that not every day can be a good day. You will get there eventually…


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