Hybrid working london

Hybrid working in London

In a post-COVID world where the office is changing as quickly as our ways of working, we’re seeing more and more businesses setting the workforce up for hybrid working. But what is it? What does it mean for employees? And how can we at Workable help improve productivity for all with our incredible space? Keep reading to find out. 

What is hybrid working?

Hybrid working is a work pattern that mixes home working with office working. It could be that you have set days in the office, set days at home, a number of days that have to be worked in office, or complete flexibility about where and how you work. This depends entirely on your employer and contract. 

The best of both worlds

Most of us who are based in an office got used to working from home during COVID. And, generally speaking, now we have mixed feelings about being based in an office full time. Whilst we have missed the in-person interaction, collaboration, and ‘city life’ that working in London brings, we can’t deny that the reduction of commuting time in the week and the costs associated with it, are a silver lining. 

And, once we bring in our own differences from person to person, we can understand that perhaps the fairest and most effective solution for all is the element of choice. 

Hybrid working allows employees to work from home and use the office. We get to enjoy the camaraderie with our colleagues, in-person collaboration, and of course the perks of the modern office. We also get to continue the benefits of fewer commutes and the advantages of home working that we’ve come to love. 

How flexible workspace fits in

Workable offers flexible workspace, hotdesking and event spaces for individuals or businesses. Based on the 19th Floor of 1 Westfield Avenue, Stratford, the open plan workspace and meeting rooms offer exceptional views across Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. There are desks, informal meeting areas, meeting rooms of all sizes, event spaces and – of course – good coffee! 

Recently, we’ve enjoyed companies who are based here at IQL or in the wider Stratford area using meeting rooms or event spaces to get everyone together, outside of the office – it’s as if we’ve all now realised how varying our spaces can benefit productivity. 

We’ve also welcomed freelancers, small businesses, and individuals to our hot desks and flexible workspace. We have day passes, monthly passes – a whole range of cost-effective options for those who like being away from the office but away from home. 

Tips for working away from the office

Whether you’ve chosen to work from home or from an external place like Workable, or even a coffee shop, here are a few tips to keep yourself productive on those days away from the office. 

1. Schedule your day – write out a rough plan for the day, taking into account when you can properly focus on a task and when you have meetings.

2. Set goals – what do you want to achieve today? What do you want to achieve this week? Splitting your priorities between daily and weekly will keep you focused. 

3. Batch your tasks – when you’re planning your day, try to group similar tasks together and it’ll improve your working efficiency. 

4. Recognise your productivity – if you can feel your productivity waning, go back to your plan and complete a couple of small, simple tasks. You’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something which can boost your productivity in the time following. 

5. Find your happy working environment – whether it’s a specific playlist, a particular space in your home, or a coffee shop round the corner. Figure out the environments that help you work well, and use them often. 

6. Be strict on distractions – make sure family and friends appreciate that, even though you’re not in the office, you’re working. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb, close the door to where you’re working, value your working time as much as you would in the office. 

7. Step away from your desk – if your productivity truly is dwindling, take a break. Or change your space. Sometimes a new environment is just what you need for an added boost of inspiration. That’s why we recommend having a few different spaces where you know you’ll be productive. 

8. Take your breaks – make sure you take your breaks and make the most of them. If you were in the office you might leave to find something for lunch, or eat with colleagues. Make sure you do something enjoyable on your break, like taking a walk or cooking some food. That way you’ll be invigorated by it!

If you think having access to flexible work or event spaces could help you, why not take a look at our membership options?