How to find a shared office

Things to consider when searching for office space

Hoping to find shared office space that suits your business and your needs, down to a tee? Here are the things we think you should consider when choosing your ideal workspace. 


Perhaps one of the most important factors is location. In London, there are an abundance of neighbourhoods and districts available for you to choose from, but keep these key factors in mind when doing your research… 

  1.  Your daily commute. Choosing an area with great transport options (particularly for your own, personal commute) will make trips to the office more appealing. A well-connected office also means that attending meetings elsewhere in London will be very manageable.
  2.  An appealing neighbourhood. Coffee shops, lunch spots, green space – having these things on the doorstep of your workplace makes your breaks that much more enjoyable and – we’d argue – your days more productive. Stepping away from the desk is no bad thing, so make sure you choose a place with great retail and leisure options nearby. 
  3.  Likeminded businesses. Different parts of the city have different focuses of industry. If you’re a small business, look at the flexible workspace options that other small businesses use - you may benefit from being in a collaborative space with others who are facing the same challenges as you are. Or if you’re operating within the creative industries, an area with strong cultural roots and creative enterprises might be beneficial for business.

Price and flexibility

When looking to find shared office space, use the size of your team and your business needs to figure out exactly what you need a workplace for. Do you need an office five days a week, every week? Or do you want to be able to use an office on certain days without committing to a small private room for rent that you pay for monthly? 

Coworking in London has gained much popularity in the last 5 years for this very reason – the variety of flexible options on offer mean that you can now have an office while retaining a lean business model. 

As an example, Workable at IQL offers flexible passes which allow you to pay by the day, by the month, or a hot desking pass which allows you to choose when you use the office on certain days, without the full monthly cost. 

Facilities and connectivity

For the majority of modern businesses, it’s impossible to function without being online. One of the many benefits of flexible workspace is the fact that high-speed internet comes with the package. As do other facilities like meeting rooms, coffee making and, if you’re at Workable, amazing views!

If you’re currently hoping to find shared office space in London and would like to know more about all Workable has to offer, please get in touch.