Groups of people working in a modern coworking office space in London

Creating a coworking space: Designing Workable for its users

Creating a coworking space is not a thoughtless task. Here at IQL, we invest in and consume research about how workplaces are changing and what users need from their office spaces. We took this knowledge and put it to use designing, not just our numerous office buildings, but also by creating a coworking space for local businesses, large and small. Here’s everything we considered when designing Workable. 


It comes, pretty much, first and foremost – spaces must support the wellbeing of those using them. During the design stages, this means designing the space to allow natural light to flood in, and ensuring the building has the technology to pump through plenty of fresh air. When furnishing, it means selecting a variety of comfortable furniture and including both formal and informal areas for meetings, chat throughs, or just general workspace. And, let’s be honest – working in an office with a floor-to-ceiling-sized view of the London skyline can also contribute to keeping you productive and inspired!


We search for it in almost all areas of life, and those of us who live and work in a metropolitan city like London definitely expect it. Convenience is key and the more convenient a workplace is, the more productive the workforce is. 

That’s why we’ve made Workable as convenient as it possibly can be. Those who work or meet here enjoy the benefits of a social enterprise that makes amazing coffee, in the main entrance. There’s space to prepare your lunch, super-fast internet so you’ll never drop signal and secure entry to the building, so you’ll always feel safe.



It’s something that the most successful businesses do well, and the best offices facilitate collaboration. Creating a coworking space which isn’t simply full of hot desks, partitioned off from one another, was important to us. Plus, we needed to make the most of that view, so comfortable seating areas looking out seemed apt. Workable is also full of independent meeting rooms and event spaces which can allow collaboration for any size of group, whilst retaining a degree of privacy. 

Those who come to work at Workable also enjoy access to exclusive events that are specially designed for networking and scaling small businesses. 


If you’re a small business owner, there’s no doubt you’re well versed in the economics of running your business. So, when it comes to renting an office space, flexibility could make a huge difference to your monthly outgoings. 

Because of this, we structured our pricing to be flexible. Longer-term options like a fixed desk are charged monthly, against hot-desking packages, day passes and flexi passes which give you 10 passes to use within 30 days. This means you can keep your office costs lean and suited best to when you need an office most. 

Workable is open and welcoming all manner of businesses to the office and to hire the event spaces. For more information, why not take a look at our meeting rooms